The Digital Gallery of TK/HK-861
Tournament of Roses Parade
Star Wars Spectacular
December 27th 2006 - January 1st 2007

Event Summary
In appreciation for the charitable efforts of the 501st Legion worldwide, Writer/Director George Lucas summoned 200 Stormtroopers plus additional personnel to Southern California. We assembled at the Sheraton Universal and owned the place for a week. Additionally, 170+ members of the Grambling State Marching Band accompanied us on the practice field and kept cadence for us while marching in the Tournament of Roses Parade, 2007. What a party!

There are sooooo many people to thank for such a great event...

Bob Euebanks - I owe him an apology. He pissed a few of us off the morning of the Parade. He was cool and said his comment was a light-hearted razz. Thanks, Bob. Sorry it took me a few years to say you don't suck. He's a gentleman indeed.

All photos in this album copyright J. Tapp - if you want one in hi-res, please fling me a request!


Italian Garrison
Owned the Lobby
Fighting 501st Banner
Dual Blaster Sandie
Universal City
Only in California
GQ Sandie
R2 and 3PO
3PO Salutes
The Empire Strikes Back
R2 at the bar
Chris B as 3PO
German Garrison drinks BUD
TXP-236 & TK-861
TK-167 gives R2 some pie
George addresses the 501st
-861, Steve Sansweet & -236
501st gives bucket to George
Plaque with Bucket to George
Full of Sigs
861 signs bucket
236 signs bucket
Nikki signs bucket
Andrew (Vader) signs bucket
Bucket in front of many
bucket and marchers
Video Productions
Sandie chest rig
Pre workups
Girls with R2
Trooper Shuttle
Fans and R2
Drummer dude
Drum Covers
Transport signage
Line O' Buckets
A Company buckets
Video of the Rebels
Tres Amigos
Rebels practice
Trooper TK-167
Belgian Garrison
TK 0.5's stunt double
TK 0.5 goes for Spin
Regina as TB
Garrison mascots & Tink
Steve gets his own Bucket
Awesome Bucket


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