The Digital Gallery of TK861

Attack Of The Clones
World Premiere - Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood

Members of the local Garrison worked with the Mann's Theater to assist in Crowd Control during the Premiere Midnight Showing of Episode II - Attack Of The Clones. Warning: My Garrison photographer shot mostly me that evening, so I don't have many shots of the rest of the Troops. Sorry, guys!

Every TV station (local and network) showed up for the festivities... KNBC, KTLA, KCAL, KCOP, FOX, and KABC, I believe.

My pics here are compressed and resized for your dloading pleasure/convenience. These pics were captured with a Canon D30 SLR (digital Single Reflex Lens). The original picture sizes are up to 3 meg!camera. This recording device ROCKS.


The King
Feel Lucky?
Star Wars on
Hollywood Blvd.
Group Photo
Streets of LA
Directing Traffic
Showing leg for ride
Happy to be here
TK861's Arrest
Tres Amigos + Zam
NBC camera
NBC interrogation
CLONE Trooper!
In the streets
The Theatre
small interrogations
236 and Zam
Another interrogation
More Arrests
Hold it!
Episode II Poster
Fett, BOBA Fett
Trooper Mike
Connie and 861
Shut off the Camera!
KTLA ch. 5
The Imperial Gang
The Imperial Gang II
Take no Prisoners
In the Streets
Armed Escort
You said WHAT???
Fighting Jedi
Cell Phone Arrest
Darth (Dave) Vader
Final Arrest


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