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Since writing this section, I'm contemplating relocating the circuitry to the helmet (only) to minimize electrical cord hassles... smaller versions of this unit may be mounted inside the Bucket.

    I purchased a kit-built voice amp that simply gives a brief, "white noise" sound effect after you speak into the microphone. I've found the settings to be sensitive, but tinker around with it for a while and you can get it working consistently. You can do without the 'noisemaker' box, but it is a fun addition. Two Trooper fans have taken the technology to a phenomenal level, refer to my FAQ's section for additional information.

Suiting Up 101

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some details
backhand straps

rivets can be your best friend

Following is a quick reference to items modified to date. Since I have made frequent Trooper appearances around Southern California, I have subjected the White Armor to rigorous tests of strength and durability. Prolonged missions exposing the suit to the rigors of heat, sweat, and condensation may cause the stock (non-industrial grade) Velcro adhesive to gum up. In most areas, I've reattached the Velcro with cyanoacrylate glue. USE CAUTION, as I've found some adhesives do not work well with the Velcro adhesive compound. The cyanoacrylate variety seems to work well without dissolving the Velcro adhesive.

New - As of working alongside the BlackSheep Squadron, all of my strap attachment points are now rivets and snaps. A strap ending with Velcro isn't secure enough for hours of duty in the desert for film set. Most Velcro stripping holding shells together has been replaced with Industrial Velcro and CA glue.

There's an ongoing debate over using Velcro Vs permanent attachments with glue only. I still prefer the Velcro, as it gives you versatility in wearing and adjusting the armor. Some pieces (such as the upper body plates) need not be adjusted or split apart to wear/remove, so they're permanently attached. Shin pieces must be opened to wear, so they're still Velcro'ed together.

  1. Tops of thigh and calve shells trimmed (a little in the front, more so in the back).
  2. Forearm shells (inner elbow section) trimmed slightly for more flexibility
  3. Lower end of inner bicep pieces trimmed with a slight curve.
  4. Removed Velcro attachments for shoulder top connectors. Secured the connectors to upper chest/back plates using cyanoacrylate glue (NOT the super-quick drying variety) and popped a RIVET in place (one at each end of the top shoulder connectors, total of four).
  5. Fitted white Velcro straps inside shoulder bells connected to the biceps. Keeps the biceps shells from sliding down. TK8356 used weather stripping type foam inside the bicep shells to prevent them from sliding. Works well if shells are a bit oversized.
  6. Riveted the knee utility belt to the lower end of the thigh shells. Riveted one end of the belt only, so I can still separate the thigh shells if necessary.
  7. The knee drop plate has been riveted in place on the shin.
  8. Thigh Shells - I'm now using a hockey 'garter' waist belt/suspenders combo to hold the thigh shells in place. THIS ROCKS. Metal loop hooks are riveted to the thigh shells, front and back (on the inside, of course). These are connected to straps that attach to the waist belt. Suspenders are attached to the belt as well. Very secure.
  9. Bucket gear - Cooling/ventilation fans and switch, and the intercom system are described in the Building section.
  10. Snaps - I have removed the lower chest/back strap Velcro material. Now these straps are held in place with snaps. Pics available soon.
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As indicated by other Trooper aficionado, it's good to have a non-armor-wearing spectator around for support.  (Major kudos to the webmaster of Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy). When subjecting yourself to the general public, some folks will think you're a part of Lucasfilm Ltd.  They don't realize we're simply fans of the entire Star Wars experience.  Some people may decide they need a piece of you!  The thigh drop boxes and O2/Thermal Detonator devices, for example are a target of "I got a piece of Star Wars!" seekers. Be sure your gear is secure!

The first time you wear the full armor and check it out in the mirror (it'll happen) you will see before you a transformed shape. You will no longer be in the Milky Way galaxy, you will be somewhere in a galaxy far, far away...


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