The scan of the photo negative is overexposed, but you'll get the idea...

From left to right:

I pressure fitted the end caps of the Thermal Detonator device. It's been a very handy carrying compartment.Vital equipment can be carried here... as long as you have the puppy securely fastened to the suit. Many of our local troopers use both the Velcro and two large hooks to fasten the TD device. Should a civilian attempt to remove the TD unit, they'll have to quickly figure out how it's fastened so securely, By then, you're whacking 'em with an armored backhand/forearm! <grin>.

The corners of the knee drop plate and small thigh shell utility belt have been RIVETED in place. This has been a Trooper blessing and I highly recommend it!

The black canvas utility pouches slip over the utility belt; worn opposite the blaster holster.

The thin weather stripping material helps to prevent the bicep shells from sliding down.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot... If you plan on Trooping with others, be sure to enscribe your designation/and or name on the inside of each shell. At times, we're rushing to get the armor together in the field, and pieces go flying all over the place. Use a Black Sharpee pen... they're awesome.