It's been a year since I've shown mods, so here ya go. The scan is slightly overexposed... the pic shows detail clearly. Going from left to right:

  • The intercom (PA) system uses an amplifier circuit board (Radio Shack) that I've placed in the left thigh drop box. You can see the notch cutout that allows me to adjust the volume on the fly, yet it is virtually invisible. A 6-foot speaker cable attaches to one of two jacks on the circuit board, the other end of the cable attaches to the attenuation box seen in the chest plate, upper right hand corner of picture.

    The right thigh drop box houses the speaker... I've written enough words on an accompanying photo on the mods page, plus you can't see squat since again, the scans were overexposed. I'll blame Ritz Camera, until they correct the scanned images. <grin>

  • The mic boom hanging from my back plate was a 3rd party purchase. It came from a micro telephone package, is very comfortable and I made sure the connector would fit Galaxy Trading's voice attenuation box. The connector is seen below the speaker cable connector.

    As described within the Mods section, I broke down and finally cut the cod piece. Using 1" strips of velcro as vertical hinges, I used CA glue to attach the Velcro FIRMLY. A 2" strip of industrial Velcro (originally secured with epoxy - that gave up and pealed away from the ABS with little to no effort) is also secured with CA glue and shows no sign of separating from the ABS material.

  • Another pic (to be published soon) will illustrate the rivet scheme I've used to secure the chest front/back connector plates and shoulder bell assemblies.

Photo by TK861