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City of Hope Children's Cancer Survivor
Annual Picnic June 5th, 2004

I missed out on last year's picnic but hit this one in style. John Taylor (a Garrison member and coordinator for the City of Hope) gave some of us Troopers parking lot duty. Most of my pictures reflect that time spent asking drivers to "State their business" and directing traffic.

The theme for this year's event was Science Fiction, so the Klingon and Galactic Empires combined forces with Generations of Star Trek characters to share some fun with the picnic go-ers.

NOTE: No civilians were harmed nor mistreated during this event.


A few Troopers
Live Steamers
Chris & Jim direct traffic
Imperial Arrest!
Another Arrest!
TK-103 MFX armor
-103 Backside
Biker Sam
Brendon MFX armor
Subdued -103
-103's Bucket
-103's Bucket
John Bush
TK-103 & TD-861
No Blasters allowed
Kevi-Wan & Watto
Christy & Friend
Mike Senna's awesome fully functional R2-D2
Evil Empires
Empires and Friends
R2 Mingles
Son, Father and TD-861


People, if you can, please donate to the City of Hope. The staff is comprised of wonderful people, they truly show their care for the children. I saw kids that have gone through so much, yet their smiles shine as bright as the sun. Help to keep them smiling, won't you?

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