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Annual DooDah Parade 2001

At the recent Frank & Son event, a media-type walks over to us and asks if we wanted to participate in the 25th Annual DooDah Parade in Pasadena California. If you're not familiar with the DooDah Parade, it is held as an all-out parady of sorts of the up-coming Rose Bowl parade event (or, a parady of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade). The theme: Go out and have fun. We did.

Our thanks to our hosts, the Horror KungFu Theater group. Aired on various cable channels, this show parodies B-rated Horror movies, much like Elvira did some years ago.

The Horror KungFu Theater Gang

More Battle Damage
A Better Look
Pirate Capt. & Granny
Young Troops
All Troops
Up the Road
Partial Staging Area
The Wind
Troopers and...
Troopers & Prez
Lincoln Penny
Wilderness Wendy
The Briefs Brigade
Jar Jar Strikes Back
Yes, they're briefs
A Brief Salute
EKG by George
Van's Unique Gear
One Must do What One Must do
Proud Trooper Dad
One of the Bands
Chug away
Pocket Fisherman vs. Blaster
Our Sponsor
Cops n' Troopers
The Actual Crowd
Trooper meets Alien
Our only Media Coverage
Battle Damage

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