The Official Digital Gallery of TK861

Downtown RECON*

Recently, TK861 performed a little RECON, gathering information about a really nice place to take your friends and family for a day of fun. A small turnout of the local Garrison decided to accompany me to this particular location in armor. We performed our RECON at Oh-Dark-Thirty (actually, it was a little later than I was hoping for) and all went fairly well.

For further details, please refer to the Field Reports section, FR#16.

The RECON location (camera operator was off-balance)


Welcome to CA
The Emptiness Factor
Welcome to SoCal
California Ambassadors
More Letters
None Shall Pass!
The Happiest Front Gate
Proudly Downtown
We need Tickets!?
Patiently waiting
Moon of Yavin
Tower of Palenque
Backed into a corner
The Rebel Base
Discourse on Yavin moon
Palace Steps
Eye in the Sky
Scaring the Chef
Look Sir, Droids!
Town Map
Grown up Kids
Kids in Buckets
Endor Biker
Inside Star Traders!
Imperial Property!

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