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Frequently Asked Questions of

1. Are "kits" available? - Yes, complete armor kits are available... throughout the world, but from few sources. Either you purchase a kit, or you must build it yourself. Unless you're savvy at SCULPTING, forming and pulling vacuum molds, trimming and sanding, the KIT method will probably work best for you. If you're interested in finding a kit - GOOD LUCK! These kits are tougher to find these days! I currently do not have sources for kits.

The two kits that I currenly know of and give an Imperial Salute! are:

Armor F/X lineage (USA) - Formerly known as Armor F/X, these suits are very popular and you will see many a Trooper wearing this armor. Notably, the helmet is perfectly symmetrical (museum quality) although it is large for Troopers under 6 feet in height.

Movie F/X Armor (Germany) - Awesome detail, these suits are more similar to the original movie suits. The helmet is closely modeled after ANH helmets - it is asymmetrical, just as the orginals... but looks awesome and is the correct size. Note: If you have a large head, these may actually be a little too small for you.

For a wonderful discourse on these two suits, be sure to check out TK-103's website for incredible specifications. Click on his ARMOR link listed at the top of the page.

2. Do you sell armor? - Currently I do not sell armor. I simply wear it and I have a BLAST! I am interested in seeing people transform into Troopers and may eventually establish myself as a Dealer. In a perfect world, LFL would grant a license to sell a complete quality kit at a fair price. THAT would be bitchen.

3. Who can I contact for a kit? - See question #1.

4. What is it like to Troop? - Check out my galleries and see how much fun we have.

5. I need detailed information on kits.. - Check out TK-103's site for awesome details and MODS. I cannot say it enough - Cass has perhaps the best info out there on these suits. I will list a few other MODS sites soon. Stay tuned.

6. You Troopers sometimes carry BIG guns. Is that ever a problem? - Yes it can be. When attending children's charity events, we don't check our weapons out of the Supply Depot (we leave 'em @ home). A rep (liaison from our Garrison) coordinates this aspect of weapons handling with a rep from the charity. We always ask.

At most public events, the weapons are just a part of the character, and it's expected. If we raid a large public venue or are asked to help out as 'crowd control', we ask the venue Representative. We have not had a problem with ordnance. IF in doubt, ask.

Keep in mind, we are having FUN, in a kick-back sorta way. It is all for fun, don't go overboard.

7. I want a PA/voice system... Got Recommendations? - Yes, I do. There are two 'systems' in use. The first one simply projects your voice through a amplifier/speaker unit and is available through Radio Shack. The RS link takes you directly to an older unit that is still listed as available (Catalog #277-1008) for only $13.00 US! Be advised that this little unit is fussy - too much volume and you'll get plenty of feedback. A slightly larger unit was available but removed from their product line last year - pitty, it was less prone to feedback.

The second system incorporates a circuit board that augments your voice and adds the static clicks and bursts at the end of a 'spoken' sentence. It is used in conjunction with the Radio Shack style speaker/amp unit. There are two augmentation-static systems out there. The first is a British-based system:

The other site is based in the USA:

Both sites offer full details of necessary equipment to complete your sound system. Both of these systems work very well. They add the perfect touch to SOUNDING like a Trooper, help to minimize feedback and are simply WAY COOL.


If you have any questions please write.