The Official Digital Gallery of TK861

Frank N Son Celeb Signing 2001

Frank & Son Collectibles Show landed a sweet roundup of Star Wars Celebs for a celebrity signing, and the Garrison took part in making them feel welcomed. Actually, they made us feel welcome. Truly good people... the same applies to Frank and his son, Bobby. Thanks to the entire staff.

The Cast (plus Extras)
The Line Begins
The Field Location
Field Chow!!!
Do you have ID?
TD1178, Rubio and Jawa
TD861 and friends
Kevin Rubio
Happy to be Here
Trooper Squad
Vader vs. Jawa
The Fett & -861
Uncle Owen
Michonne (Aurra Sing)
The Cast (more extras)
David Barclay (Jabba)
New Princess
Maria (Greedo)

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