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Page Eight - Astro Gallery

Following are thumbnails of astrophotographs taken by TK861 during his TDY on Earth. The majority of these pictures were taken "static" on a tripod, meaning a calibrated platform for slewing the camera along with the object's relative motion was not used.

This gives the photographer an interesting challenge -- instead of zooming in on
an object using a telescope, the focus of the shot becomes a question of "what's going to look good in the frame... what will make the pic worthwhile?"

Dealing with the limitations of an old, beat-up camera and a 135mm lens, TK861 submits these pictures for your review:


The *average* file size is approx. 75k each, except for the comets,
which are signficantly smaller in filesize. I've kept the filesize low to promote
faster dload speeds, but the image quality sucks. :)



The author took this shot of Comet Hyakutake after 10PM, near Ontario Peak by Mt. Baldy in early 1996. A slight haze reflects the lights of Los Angeles basin. This spectacular comet shows an apparent tail of 35 degrees, longer than the Big Dipper constellation! It's tough to see, but the tail spans across the entire frame of the picture and was awesome to see above the hillside (lit up by both haze and a quarter moon).

Approximate 5 minute exposure, Kodak Gold ASA400, the comet is near Polaris, the North Star.

More astrophotographs may be posted soon.

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