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- 2011 Events -

12-March-11 NAF El Centro Airshow - Several members of the So Cal Garrison join up with 4 Black Sheep Squadron dudes to pay a tribute to military personnel at the airshow.

- 2007 Events -

01-Jany-07 LucasFilm Limited (Uncle George) invited 200 Plastic Troopers to march in the 118th Tournament of Roses Parade - THE mother of all Trooping events.

- 2005 Events -

27-May-05 Chapter 1 - Davenport Gateway - of I.M.P.S. The Relentless is now available for download. Initially available solely through the I.M.P.S. website, now it can be seen along with subsequent chapters all over the Internet.

- 2004 Events -

Universal City Walk, Hollywood - June 22nd, 2004 - Intro to the notorious Black Sheep Squadron!

City of Hope Annual Children's Cancer Survivor Picnic - We help shed a little sunshine on the day.

Potter Kids meet Star Wars Bad-Asses and Sauron from Lord of the Rings - All the Celebs were very cool - we had a great time!

- 2003 Events -

Halloween 2003 - Man, it rained - it really rained.

May 2003 Star Wars themed Wedding - The wedding of William & Nikki.

Star Wars/Star Trek Grand Slam, Pasadena CA - The typical Star Trek convention with a twist - the addition of Star Wars stuff and celebrities.

- 2002 Events -

Episode II @ IMAX Theatres - Acting on an invitation from and Lucasfilm Ltd, the Fighting 501st and fan clubs from across America united to celebrate the release of AOTC at IMAX Big Screen Theatres.

Episode II Premiere - The local Garrison helped provide Crowd Control for two events... a charity private screening of Episode II Attack Of The Clones (AOTC) and the world premiere at Hollywood's Mann's Chinese Theatre.

- 2001 Events -

Doodah Parade - Our day spent as particpants of the 25th Annual DooDah Parade in Pasadena, CA. Pix of participants and brief moment along the parade route.

SW Celeb Signing - Frank & Son's collectibles hosted an autograph session with various Star Wars celebrities... actors and actresses who portrayed: Boba Fett, Greedo, Uncle Owen, Jawa who zaps R2D2 on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt puppeteer and Aurra Sing.

Halloween - An incredible night of fun during the annual West Hollywood Halloween Festival.

Garrison BBQ's - Over the summer of 2001, the Garrison held a couple of BBQ's for R & R. Good clean fun in and out of the thermoplastic gear.

ComicCon - We returned to the Grand Comic Book convention... because we gotta go somewhere.

Anime Expo - Held at Long Beach Convention center, we hardly saw any of the expo as we lend our Trooper appearance to charity to benefit the Children's City of Hope.

City of Hope - We provide some entertainment to participants and guests of the annual Cancer Survivor Picnic, located in Griffith Park. Hosted by the City of Hope.

Downtown - Some of our Garrison members ventured Downtown for some very early morning pictures. Note, special arrangements were sought prior to doing this.

Renne Faire - We raid the Castle of the Southern California annual Rennaisance Pleasure Faire in Devore.

Rogue Premiere Party - Several Garrison members partook in the filming of a fan film entitled ROGUE. The pictures are from the Cast Party, celebrating the upcoming premiere.

Grand Slam Celebration - Held in Pasadena, this annual event marks the return of the Garrison to a primarily Star Trek themed gathering.

Garrison Wedding - Highlites of a wedding between the Bride & Groom - who met through the Garrison.

- 2000 Events -

Halloween - Mark & Brian, hosts of a morning radio show in LA, hosted a night time Halloween parade through the streets of downtown Fullerton. We were entrants in the Parade.

ComicCon - A large gathering of Troopers and Trooperettes from all over the globe raided San Diego. The premiere showcase of comic book lore and art on the West Coast. This is an annual event for many Star Wars fans - because we can.

Renn Faire Bust - We invade the shire and storm the Castle.

City of Hope - Our first year of participating at the Cancer Survivor Picnic. A good cause.

Desert Duty - A kick-butt day in the Junland Waste area of Cajon Pass. Great scenery.

Earth Day Parade - Some people thought we were a little out of place in this annual parade held in San Diego. Just about that time, we'd hand 'em a flower and order 'em to have a nice day.

Grand Slam Celebration - The Garrison's first official appearance at the Grand Slam together. What a great day, met lots of new friends... who are now Garrison members.

Fett's Last Day - We take out Jayse, aka Boba Fett to the Garrison and treat him to Universal City.

Astro Gallery - A sampling of TK861's astrophotography collection - plus pics from friends.

MOM Displays - The Magic Of Myth, a celebration of Star Wars art and magic, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute and hosted by the Museum of San Diego. This Gallery features the Displays inside the exhibit.

Magic Of Myth - Our participation (in gear) at the exhibit in San Diego.

- 1999 Events -

Vader's Realm - TK861 gives you a sneak peak of Vader in action.

Composite Central - One of two Galleries featuring Troopers in various settings, with some enhancing.

Trooper Antics - The other of two Galleries featuring general all-around Trooping and having fun. A must see.

Universal '99b - Part two of my first outing with the newly formed Southern California Garrison of Troopers, Halloween night 1999.

Universal '99a - Part one of my first outing with the Garrison. An incredible night I'll never forget.