The Official Digital Gallery of TK861

Star Trek Grand Slam

March 31st, 2001
Pasadena, CA

Once again the Garrison raids the annual Star Trek Grand Slam in Trooper Gear. Why? Because it's a blast to mingle amongst the ST fans as Star Wars characters.

We finally took a moment to take some closeup pics of various costumes, instead of merely posing for all the pictures.

Got Bounty?
Grand Slam Gang '01
Maxi Fett


Bad *ss Bounty
Soldier Brethren
Ready for Action
Trooper Dave
Evil TK861
Carnor Jax
Big Dave
Randy TIE
Trooper meets Trill
TIE Pilot
You go, girl!

A special thanks to a good friend, TK167 (William) for graciously allowing me to use many
of the pictures featured in this gallery. I tend to waste my time making sure the event
goes smoothly, (Trooper Coordinator), so I hardly stop to take pictures.

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