The Official Digital Gallery of TK861

Halloween 2001

Considering the chain of events over the last couple of months, it was obvious people were ready for a little R & R. The Southern California Garrison was no exception. Approximately 20 of us donned gear and raided Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. The estimated overall attendance that evening was projected as between 200,000 - 400,000 Terrans... That's a LOT of people. For further information, please read Field Report #18

For some of these pics, I recommend turning up your brightness, as I took some shots without a flash, for the proper effect.

I regret how busy we get... as far as not being able to present better action shots... We spend most of our time posing for everyone else. The other 399,980 people that were out there have the really good photos of us (grin). Further, additional Garrison members arrived late, so I wasn't able to get pics of 'em. Hopefully, other photos will become available soon.

Aged Anakin
Battle Scars
Your Father
Da Man
Nugget Trooper
Fanged Jedi
Is this Right?
Maxxie Fett
Special Forces
A Rare Appearance
Strike the Colors
Death Trooper
Under Arrest (again)
Laser Show
The Big "E"
Fett takes a Shot
The Real Thing
Scout TB236
Speeder Fett
Scout TB861
... and again

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