The Digital Gallery of TK861
Ice Dogs Hockey Game, Long Beach Arena

Special thanks to TK337 (Yvette) for one Kick-Fanny event!!!

We were called to Duty during a game of Ice Hockey between the Long Beach Ice Dogs and Anchorage Aces, from Alaska.

During the evening, we escorted people to and remain on the ice for the American National Anthem (very cool), danced with Cheerleaders, arrested a few people, were condemned to the Penalty Box, signed a ton of autographs and started a few of our own fights... and had fans tracking US down. Good times!

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This section of pics below provided by Andrew "Connery" Ten, TK2976

Getting Ready for Action
(TK2976 in foreground)
Pics n' Autographs
The Arena!
Beauty and the Beasts
On the Ice, Baby!


The following pictures taken by TK861 & Nikki

Just a Fan
Hero Pose
JetPack Jango
Bounty Bootie
We're the 501st!
Troopers on Ice
I said,
"Gimme your ID!!!"
Buckets off, Still 501st!
"Suck GLASS,
Bounty Hunter!!"
In the Penalty Box
Jango Follies
Wm. unmasked
Bucket under Flag
Band of Four
Do not pass...
Buckets Off
Why You TRIM!
C'mere, JEDI!!!
You want some?!
More Jango Follies
Fett Unmasked
He's of no use to me DEAD!
On Purpose!
(Heros) on ice

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