The Digital Gallery of TK861
IKEA, Burbank

At the request of TXP-1174 (Dave Murphy), we assisted IKEA Burbank during their annual Charity (Toy) drive for People In Transition.

Special thanks to Trooper TD-720 for contributing the sharp images. Not-so-sharp images taken by Troopers -861 and THP-236, using a lower resolution Field Recon Imaging System. For the sake of this site and Trooping, the device serves me well... thanks, Winkie.

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Buckets On...
Buckets Off
Jango Mike
Boba Dave
Nugget Trooper
Smiling Imperially
Take the Shot!
Dave's Pack
Unhappy Interrogation
The Moose gets it
Alien Comm Device
Tall and short
The Crowds
Imperial Snackage
You wanna do what?
Eau de Trooper
Recon Plan
Zam (portrait)
They're happy
Watching Over KROQ
Little Critters
Confiscation Pending
Nothing to see... Move Along!
Trooper and Bears
Trooper Cooks
Look this way
The Place
Boba Dave's Blaster (scratchbuilt)

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