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LucasFilm Ltd. released the latest Star Wars movie Attack of the Clones (AOTC) in IMAX format across the country in November, 2002. The call to arms was requested by LucasFilm and, asking the Fighting 501st Legion to perform Crowd Control at selected theaters around the USA. We did.

Naturally, the Southern California Garrison was no exception. To date, it looks like we had the largest turnout of costumed fans in the country, and that is according to The quote from the mother-of-all sites:

"Perhaps the biggest event took place at the Universal CityWalk IMAX Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon where over 100 members of the 501st and Orange County Star Wars Society and others showed up in costume." Oh yeah!

A personal thanks to TR-095, Jeff Yankey for organizing the So. Cal. event. Further thanks to Kevin LaNeave, John Taylor, Simon, and Andrew Ten for submitting pics.

TR-095's link (right) takes you to Jeff's site, listing several links to OUTSTANDING pictures of the event.

The Digital Gallery of TK861
Attack Of The Clones
IMAX Theatre, Hollywood











Imperials and Rebels together - an AWESOME turnout
Aerial Views


Mini Clones
Group Photo of the So. Cal. Garrison
Ahhhh, Nubian!
The Rebel/Imperial Vehicle
The New and the Aging
Gunnus Biggus
Happy Interrogation
Two FNG Troopers n' Padme
The Theatre
Donation Doldrums
Vader n' Gungan
Snow and Stormtrooper
Bucket Brigade at the Hard Rock Cafe Bar
Happy Hour
Ladies Rock
The Good, the Bad and the Jedi
Trooper Newcastle
Troops Rehydrate
Imperial Forces
Father and Son (cool background)

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