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Trooper Related Sites:
The Fighting 501st: THE planetary web-based organization of Troopers. All Troopers check in! Note: To find a particular Garrison within the 501st, click on the Garrison/Garrison Contact Information link within the Nav section of the 501st site.
So Cal Garrison:
The local Outpost of the Fighting 501st in California.
Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy: *Awesome* resource site for costume/prop tips with numerous SW characters. A Must-See site with lots of details for everyone - including Troopers.
Studio Creations: How to scratch-build your own armor. Overwhelming. Be sure to check out their movies!

StarWars Helmets site: An *amazing* site detailing Star Wars Buckets (helmets) and armor used throughout the Star Wars universe.
Troops - The Movie: An incredible fan-made parody of Cops in the Star Wars galaxy! Hosted at website.


I.M.P.S The Relentless : An EPIC documentarty of the best damned job in the Galaxy. Just says it all, doesn't it? Go there!

Personal Trooper Sites:
TK103 & BB-DU's Homebase: Includes a very cool comparison of movie armor vs. fan-built types. Check his Conventions and Mods sections for great info.
Stormtrooper Zone:
TK8356/Darth Maul's personal website. Cool pics of a hip Maul.
TR-095's Imperial Guard Site: A must-see site for Royal Guard data... brought to you from a good friend. Also featured: Fett armor, Slave Leia, Clone Trooper Bucket.
Mandalorian Armor Blueprints: An updated link - This site delivers! Wanna be Boba Fett? Here's how!
TK264's TrooperLounge: The Swiss Cheese: Features cool pics, nice layout and lots'a mods.

TK-167's Website: Collector of all-things Star Wars & Armory Depot Supplies.

TK719 The SFO Trooper: Take a virtual tour with a Trooper friend in San Fransisco.

Move along!: Bitchin Trooper theme - There are things to see here, so "Move along - move along!"

TK421, Why Aren't You At Your Post?: The hilarious pursuit of our Lost Trooper Brethren continues.
Troopers Invade Asia: Cool site in Japan. Heavily intensive with the Japanese language and great pics.

Brazilian Garrison HQ: The banner above will transport you to Brazil - Portugues & English spoken here.
Film Fusion!: TK369's personal page and info on fan filmage. Spoof City ala South Park - Flipping Hilarious!


And Now For Something Completely Different:

Star Wars - The Official site: TK861 believes in giving credit where ultimate credit is due.

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