In attendance:

Dean Amstutz TK-2643
Lesley Farquhar TR-3774
Mike Miller HK-236
Sam Hornedo TK-1064
David Neuhausel TK-9277
Me HK-861
Eric Hilleary HK-882
Dave Max HK-887

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A few Military personnel at NAF (Naval Air Facility) thought members of the 501st might add a different twist to the opener of the BLUE ANGELS air show season. They were right. Four HK's, another Sandie and two pristine (ultra clean) Troopers arrived to provide a unique layer of "security" at the air show. The event simply ROCKED. We walked the flight line before suiting up, used an Ordnance Room to become Plastic Patriots, and hit the flight line with our Big Guns.

The routine: Walk 20 feet, stop in front of a jet, and pose with 30 guests of the air show. Walk another 20-40 feet, encounter a new set of guests, stop for pictures... Listen to a fighter jet roar overhead, the pictures kept rolling. Awesome.

Although historical temp readings indicate the temperature was 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it seemed to be right around 100. All day... In ARMOR, no SHADE. T'was a GREAT day!

*VERY* special thanks to Lesley, our Garrison Skipper and coordinator for this event. All but the last four photos in this gallery were taken by and belong to Lesley. Nikon D80. Great pics, Lesley!!

The Digital Gallery of HK-861
NAF El Centro, CA

12 March 2011




HK's in a row
Trooper overlooking F18's
Smiles while arrested...
...Unhappy under Arrest
In front of Flaps
Troopers n' C-17
Helo Arrest
Ultra Clean Trooper
Escorting Chopper
Another Arrest
Fido Inspects
Get the Boot
Secure the C-17
Here comes the Sun
Bay door - C17
HK236 & HK861
Overlooking F18
HK's 236 and 861
Be a Seal
Ready to Fire
GI Joe approves
Join the Empire
Thumbs Up
We're NOT that bad
Another arrest
HK's inspect perimeter
Imperial Police, indeed
Innards of C-17
While in the Shade
or out in the sun
C17 rampage
He's there somewhere
Imperial Fire Dept
OUR helo
Great Crew
We're nice....
... until we arrest you
Commandeering Helo
Panda Friendly
The Blue Crew
Sam takes Five
Standing tall with Trooper
The Family
The Good, The Bad....
Rockin' Crew
Trooper chats
Look *this* way
Imperial Police 2
Yet another arrest
*MY* Helo!
Chief - Ground Boss
Hungry Chief
Non Skids

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