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30-March-2013 - HK-836 and HK-861 joined HK's -882 & -887 at the Annual WonderCon event, located in Anaheim, CA. -836 and -861 made our first appearance in Imperial Combat Pilot gear (sporting Sandy Trooper buckets). Troopers -882 & -887 featured their completed (and extraordinarily bitchen) combat pilot helmets (bucket). -836 & -861 are completing our own combat pilot buckets and hope to premier them at KamikaziCon in November of this year. Stay tuned.


12-March-2011 - TK-236 (now designated as HK-836) and myself joined members of the San Diego, CA Garrison, along with Black Sheep Squadron founders HK-882 & HK-887 to add an "extra layer of Security" at NAF EL CENTRO. Located in really south Southern California near the Mexican Border, we endured 100 degree Fahrenheit temps to patrol the tarmac and flight lines. Great gallery posted, with a special thanks to Lesley F for some seriously great photography.


01-January-07 - What an EPIC event to mark the beginning of a new year! George Lucas selected as Grand Marshall for the Pasadena, California Tournament of Roses Parade. A collection of Imperial Personnel (including 170+ Troopers) - from around the globe - hand selected by Lucasfilm LTD, marched the 5 mile route in full armor. We partied, practiced marching, partied, fixed armor, practiced marching again, and endured the March of Death. Drop and give me twenty!!!


21-March-05 Heard of TROOPS, the movie? If you've been wondering about "TROOPS 2" - The guys (Blacksheep Squadron) are working around the clock to wrap it up. The project final title transformed from TROOPS 2 to I.M.P.S. - The Relentless. I.M.P.S. is short for Imperial Military Personnel Stories. The Relentless refers to a classification of galactic battleship cruiser. As stated on their website, "I.M.P.S. - The Relentless", is "an epic documentary... of the best damn job in the galaxy!" Chomp on that while you overhaul your Bucket!

May-05 Several of our Garrison members were called to action during the Charity- and World-Premiere of Revenge of the Sith, 2nd and 3rd week of May! Pictures of each event are posted on the SCG website.

23-April-05 Several So. Cal. Garrison members were able to attend the Celebration III event in Indianapolis. We all look forward to Gallery Pics and hearing about the Stormtrooper Olympics! Be sure to check out the SCG website for possible details and pics.


31 Oct. 2004 - A few Garrison members appeared on Santa Monica Blvd. for the Hollywood Halloween Extravaganza. Unfortunately, this Trooper had to work. However I was told via Field Report (SitRep) the crowds were a little unruly this year. Shame.

22 June, 2004 - Universal City Walk, Hollywood California; Leo Quinones of Talk Radio KLSX 97.1 hosts a series of free movies shown outdoors. First movie event - Star Wars, Episode IV. The infamous Black Sheep Squadron of TROOPS joined the SCG for a little R & R at the Hard Rock Cafe and appeared on stage with Leo. Gallery Page posted.

05 June, 2004 - Annual City of Hope Children's Cancer Survivor Picnic. Once again, the Garrison helps brighten the day, with the help of Klingons and Generations of Trekkies. I spent most of the day on Parking Lot detail, directing traffic. It's good to have a PA system.

13 March, 2004 - Harry Potter "Kids" meet Star Wars - The Weasly Twins, Neville and Seamus meet Darth Maul, Young Boba Fett, and Sauron from Lord of the Rings. More likely, the aforementioned actors meet Imperial Stormtroopers.


31 October, 2003 - It rains in Southern California... Halloween night on Sunset Blvd. This is a VERY small gallery... it rained!

25 May, 2003 - The date designated as Premiere Day for Star Wars Episode II is the date William and Nikki set for their Wedding Date. The rest is history, as seen on TV.

March 2003 - Pasadena Grand Slam; Star Wars and Star Trek united for an awesome turnout of the 501st Legion... Three Garrisons; Southern California, Golden Gate and Central California Garrisons all combined forces to take over the Grand Slam convention. Highlights included escorting a handful of Star Wars celebs to the stage. Big Gallery page posted.

February 2003 - The Garrison raided a local Minor League Hockey game and took control of the show... Very good times and a great Gallery Page! Some pictures are large, but worth the wait. NOTE: One of the pics featured on this page was published by the Star Wars Insider! Edition #68. I'm helping Trooper Mike (Fett) eat Glass!


November 2002 - We assisted TXP-1174 by attending a Charity Toy Drive at the IKEA store of Burbank. Gallery now posted (better late than never).

November 2002 - Lucasfilm Ltd. released Attack Of The Clones in selected IMAX theater locations around the USA. The Garrison invaded the event at Universal Studios, Hollywood. See for more details regarding the new release and our involvement as fans. Gallery posted.

Halloween 2002 Has come and gone... The So. Cal. Garrison raided the Santa Monica Blvd. Halloween blowout to search for new recruits and place rebels under Imperial Arrest! Gallery pending.

May 15th - The Garrison took over Grauman's Chinese Theater for the Midnight Premiere of Attack Of The Clones. Some of our Members attended the special Charity screening at Mann's. They are plastered all over news-oriented websites and local/national TV broadcasts! Way to go, Garrison!!!

May 3 - 5, 2002 Star Wars Episode II CELEBRATION! - Although I could not attend this event (located in Indianapolis, Indiana), I've JUST GOTTA share a pic of the turnout of the 501st. What an awesome turnout of Troopers and all things Imperial.


November 18th 2001 - We sent a squad out to Colorado Blvd. to be in the 25th Annual DooDah Parade in Pasadena. Gallery available.

November 14th - The Southern California Garrison provided Security service at a signing of various Star Wars Celebrities during a local Collectibles Show. Photo Gallery is available.

Halloween 2001 - Approx. 20 members of the So. Cal. Garrison took part in the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. Highlights include Grand Prize on the local Star Radio 98.7 KYSR Costume Contest and placing Danny Bonaduce (Danny Partridge) under Imperial Arrest; plenty of Troopers & Cops; Troopers vs. the Letter to Tom Brokaw - a sign of the times; Guiding traffic - a double decker bus; a brushing with KISS; Old and new friends. The Gallery is now available; read FIELD REPORT#18 for further details.

August 6th - The Southern California Garrison gathered together to celebrate a local birthday and Bantha BBQ. A Gallery page (that should be a part of Trooper Antics!) has been posted.

July 19-22nd - ComicCon 2001! The Fighting 501st trooped in style. Gallery page posted. Some of us appeared in a bit on the Late Night Show with David Letterman. Refer to the Holovids section for details.

Sunday, July 8th - Attended the Japanese Anime Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center as an armored volunteer for the City of Hope hospital. Gallery page included.

Saturday, June 2nd 2001 - The Garrison revisited the Annual Childrens Cancer Survivor Picnic sponsored by the City of Hope. Check out the City of Hope 2001 link from the Gallery listings - we had a very good turnout of participants.

Thanks to TK194 (Vinicius) - Brazilian Division skipper (CO) of the Fighting 501st Legion for supplying my new intro page photo. A few of his other works appear at the bottom of my Composites gallery. They're quite worthy of checking out... Thanks, -194!


October/November 2000, the So. Cal. Garrison took part in a fan film titled ROGUE, produced in the LA area. The trailer and movie are on Please refer to Field Report #10 -now declassified- for more details.

March 10 , 2000 - Jeff Yankey (TR-095) and the former Miss Lisa Barnes (TXP-1031) tied the knot to become the first Southern California Garrison members joined in wedlock (as a result of being members). For that matter, they became THE first Fighting 501st members who met as members, and have married. Congrats to the new couple. Refer to the Garrison Wedding page within the GALLERY section for more information and pics.

Halloween, 2000 - Mark & Brian, hosts of a morning radio show in LA, held their annual Halloween Parade in Fullerton. The So. Cal. Garrison participated in and rocked the parade! Please refer to the Field Reports and Halloween2k for descriptions and pictures... or click here for pics of us on the official KLOS website.

July 2000 - ComicCon 2000 - The Fighting 501st Legion Troopers made an appearance at San Diego's Comicbook Convention and received recognition from... STAR WARS.COM! The images / write-up are archived, go here to reach the article.