The Digital Gallery of TK861

The Potter Kids meet Star Wars
and Lord of the Rings Bad Guys

13 March, 2004 - Some of the kids from the Harry Potter series met up with characters/actors from the Star Wars series. The Garrison was asked to attend and give a helping hand directing traffic - a detail that we are very much getting used to <big-ass-grin>. LIST ALL OF THE ACTORS

This turned out to be quite a fun event. All the actors were perfect hosts and true gentlemen. They gave their attention to everyone in attendance, respecting the enthusiasm of their fans - very cool.

Mike Senna
TK-167 In Civvies
TK-236's Fiance
Take Five
Troopers and Potter Kids
Take Two
Brendon & MX armor
TK-861 & Darth Maul (Ray Park)
Troopers &
Sauron, Daniel Logan, Ray Park
Fett likes Trooper guns
Fett and MG-34
Fred or George?
George or Fred?
The Potter "Kids"
Martin & Mathew
Seamus and Neville


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