The Official Digital Gallery of TK861

So. Cal. Renaissance Faire 2001

T'was the month of May, 2001. Looking back upon year 2000, this Faire visit was a total departure from the previous visit. Fortunate for us, it was overcast and chilly in the morning. It felt GREAT... (last year, it was 105 degrees in the shade). For other non-armored folks, it was a little cold. All was great... until it began to rain. The thoroughfares became quite muddy, so no matter how clean a Trooper looked upon entering the main gate, he looked like a seasoned vet (mud and more mud) at the end of the day. We didn't take many pictures this day - mainly due to the number of other folks asking for pics and the attempt to keep our own cameras dry.

The ambience was much different this year. The majority of the actors seemed to be glad to see us - a relief, since the atmosphere of the Faire is strict about "period appeal" or looking the Elizabethan part.

Admittedly, we were verbally assaulted many times with "Hey! Aren't you a little SHORT to be a Stormtrooper!?" It's a shame our Blasters are only props.

TK-236 (60kb)
Armour Vs. Armor (137kb)
Standing Gaurd (90kb)
Ready Gaurd (338kb)
Ghost Officer (117kb)
Stand Gaurd (2) - 166kb
Chalices & Blasters (338kb)

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