The Digital Gallery of HK-861
ArcLight Theater Complex, Hollywood CA
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
18 May 2005

The 501st Legion (through the So. Cal. Garrison) provided escort to the people waiting in line for the premiere of Revenge of the Sith. As you may know, the people camped out at Grauman's Theater to raise money for charity. The Garrison took to the streets (in armor) beginning at the ArcLight and walked to the Chinese Theater where we escorted the lineup folks back to the ArcLight complex. Television crews on foot (and in helicopters) recorded the action throughout the procession.

Back at the ArcLight we spent several hours on Photo Ops for fans and passers-by alike.

A distinguished service award goes to Trooper TK-1381 (Andrew) for keeping his cool when Rebel factions broke his Bucket in half!

Worm's Eyeview
Trooper Billboard
Moving Along
Troopers n' Lingerie
Troopers n' Drivers
Hollywood n' Vine
Leias n' Hitchcock
Vader Leads the Way
Form the Line
Imperial Point
THE folks
ArcLight Complex
Tydirium Shuttle View
Tydirium Shuttle View II
Tim Knapp - PR man
Look Sir... Droids!
Ready to Fire
Protect the Princesses
All Imperial
Media Madness


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