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This site Rated PG-13; Violence towards Ewoks - nested strong language
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2011 - HK's -236, 861, 882 & 887 joined up with So.Cal. Garrison members near the Mexican Border. We provided a specialized layer of "security" at NAF El Centro - a Naval Air Facility in SoCal. The active military personnel ROCKED. Gallery posted.

2007 - Over 200 individuals gathered together as Stormies, Sandies, Snowies, Bikers, Clones and Imperial Officers to march in the 118th parade in Pasadena, CA. Check out and other sources for great vids and photos. Gallery posted.

27-May-05 Chapter 1 - Davenport Gateway - of I.M.P.S. The Relentless went online. 23-July-2010 Ch. 2 released. A must-see epic documentary! Visit the Relentless site and check out their stunning artwork/props. For additional info, go to News Archive section.

1st generation of suit at left: Door Guard - 2nd generation: "clean" Sandy Trooper

3rd generation: Been-there, done-that dirty Sandy

    TK861, a member of the Southern California Garrison, part of Vader's Fist; the Fighting 501st Legion - an Internet based organization of armor-wearing groundpounders.

    Currently, TK861 is on TDY (Temporary Duty) to a small Class M planet revolving around a 'G2' spectral class sun... in another galaxy far, far away from the Empire.

    This site is devoted to the exploits of TK861 during his TDY on Earth.
    Features include the following sections:

    * Armor Tips - Everything you ever wanted to know about White Armor (almost everything...) - written for nuggets and seasoned Troopers alike. This section is revised periodically.

    * Digital Gallery of TK861's exploits - A comprehensive photo journal of TK861's activities on Planet Terra.

    * Star Facts - Astronomical data about your own galaxy - and features astrophotography (of your local galaxy) by TK861.* Galactic Links - Places to go within your galaxy to check out other Trooper-related sites. Recently updated.

    * Field Reports - Actual accounts of Terran exploits as performed by TK861 during his TDY assignment. These are excerpts from actual Field Reports sent to his superior command back home.

    * Equipment Manual - A Trooper's Field Guide (technical specs) of Gear worn and used by Imperial Stormtroopers. Really dry reading with some funny bits thrown in for good measure.

    * Trooper Gear - Details of additional gear necessary to complete / complement your Trooper armor. I have a few new toys that need to be included here. Check for new additions periodically.

Questions/Comments on the site? Fling an email.

TK861 is a proud member of The Fighting 501st Legion...
... and of the So. Cal. Garrison

...and honored to be designated HK-861 by the Black Sheep Squadron

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