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Page Eleven - City of Hope Annual Picnic '2000

June 10, 2000 - A gathering of Troopers falls upon the Annual Children's Cancer Survivor Picnic at the "Live Steamers", Griffith Park. The City of Hope hosts this event each year to bring smiles to the critters that face some very difficult times. The Southern California Garrison was invited to stop by and say "hi" to the kids.

We honestly felt a little out of place... the children that are familiar with our characters understand the disposition of the <evil> Galactic Empire. We had a few Jedi's with us, and we told the kids we were being good for the day! TR095 scared a few critters, merely by just standing there and doing what he does best... guard the Emperor. More than one adult has been Freaked Out by -095's ominous presence! <grin>

Once again, the City of Hope staff was very helpful and made us feel right at home. For more information regarding this event, please refer to Field Report #7 in the Field Reports section.


Behind the Scenes (below)


People, if you can, please donate to the City of Hope. The staff is comprised of wonderful people, they truly show their care for the children. I saw kids that have gone through soooo much, yet their smiles shine as bright as the sun. Help to keep them smiling, won't you? - A personal message from TK861.

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