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Page Twelve - So. Cal. Renaissance Faire 2000

T'was the month of May, 2000. Some of the Troops from the So. Cal. Garrison raided the annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Devore, Cajon Pass. It took cajones to be there that day, the hottest day of the season - over 105 degrees. We got sandblasted until we slipped into the armor, then baked in the sun. Whew! For a description of the day, please refer to Field Report #8 of the Field Reports Section.

Major Kudos to the Puritans, a fine group of people who went out of their way to make us Strangers In A Strange Land feel oh-so-welcomed!
Special Thanks to Keith Burgoyne, otherwise known as Weazie for supplying the awesome photos while us Troopers raided the Faire. As always, Weazie provides nothing but the best... his original photos clocked in at 500-800k each with a resolution of 1536x1024! Beautiful work, but not the best for all viewers. I have taken the liberty of reducing them to 768x512 and avg of ohhh, 85k, just for your browsing pleasure. Sorry, Weazie! ;).

The sepia format of Troopers in Arms with the Puritans supplied by Tony Lawrence, the GhostHunter. Also of Haunted Mansion fame... we ran into Maynard, a whacky (fun) Cast Member of the Magic Kingdom.


Troopers n' Royal Gaurd
at Renaissance Faire entrance
Group Photo w/Puritans
We found Maynard!
Just because it was there
Sepia shot by Tony - GhostCowboy
SandStorm! and HOT!
The Puritans pay homage
Lemme see your Identfication!
Jawas are cool!
Interuptus Showus
...and we followed Parades!
Puritans in the beginning
Boot shine
I dub thee Imperial Knight
He's overjoyed

From Another Visit
to the Faire

How the Puritans are on stage
When it's Miller Time
After Miller takes over
Incognito Trooper n' friends
Trooper Metallic
I can Fly!
Trooper gone Noble
... and More Friends

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