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Page Thirteen - ComicCon 2000
Saturday with the Gang

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San Diego, California - ComicCon 2000: Claimed to be North America's largest showcase of Comic book & "popular arts", the Fighting 501st assembled to treat CC2000's guests to a slice of the Empire. Friday, nearly a dozen Troopers (Sand, Storm and Bikers), a Royal Guard and various Imperial Officers combed the exhibitor's floor for signs of Rebel scum and villainy.

We interrogated many, shut down digital recording device platforms, placed suspected rebels under Imperial arrest, raided game rooms and wielded our Blasters. On Saturday, we doubled our attendance number and had nearly 30 Imperial members representing 'our' Empire.

A special thanks to Marc & Manuela, Pascal and Vania, (Swiss Garrison) Oliver (Germany) and Stèphane (Canada) for their dedication. These global travelers are a class act and became instant friends. With their enthusiasm for Star Wars and armor, it was the creme de la creme to see my friends find a place on the home page of the OFFICIAL Star Wars website as Fans in Costume at this convention. Congrats, guys! The memories and friendships will last a long time.

Thanks to Lynn for being assistant Cruise Director.


The Gang's all here.
There's one!
Don't move, or we'll blast ya!
Just blowing off a little steam


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