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Page 14 - KLOS's Mark & Brian Halloween Parade '2000

December 27th, 2000
Fullerton Plaza, CA

The Southern California Garrison was one of 75 groups of participants in the annual Mark & Brian Halloween parade. We had a good turnout and included several Nuggets, or new Troopers out for their first armored appearance. My Trooper Bucket is off to all of you in attendance.

For a complete description of the event, please refer to Field Report #11, available in the Field Reports section.

Darth Baxter
A line of Buckets!
The Gang


Da Girls
Da boys (woof!)
We have a Pic!
Lando the Trooper
The end for now

A special thanks to a good friend, TK167 (William) for graciously allowing me to use
the pictures featured in this gallery. I tend to waste my time making sure the event
goes smoothly, (Trooper Coordinator), so I hardly stop to take pictures.

Below are picx of TK/TD861 raiding the office
Don't pollute
Thumbin' a ride
Another bust
Desert Trooper
Wanna piece?
Take 5

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