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Page Five - Us at the Magic of Myth Exhibit!

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December 11th, 1999
The Setting:
San Diego's Museum of Art

The Event: "Star Wars: The Magic of Myth", developed by the Smithsonian Institution, features movie props and archived prototypes/paintings and a wealth of information covering the making of our favorite Space Saga. The Southern California Troopers raided the Exhibit (after going through the proper channels and obtaining permission, of course ;) in full regalia. We had two Troopers, an EVIL Royal Guard and Princess Leia! Man, it was *tough* to be nice to the Princess all day! ;) Other Brethren Troopers made an appearance incognito to perform research (data-gathering) tasks. All artifacts in this exhibition are on loan from the archives of Lucasfilm Ltd. and were a joy to observe in detail!


Once we crossed the Parking Lot threshhold, ;) it was clear sailing straight to the exhibit... almost. We ran into a young group of Rebels, armed with lightsabers, who were more than willing to fight for freedom! Hell, they attacked us! We did the proper Trooper bit... raised our weapons and attempted to shoot everything but the Rebels! THAT takes practice! Heh-heh! As usual, the Rebels won, but not without a great Blasters n' Sabres fight! We had as much fun as the Rebels... and the cameras were busy clicking away. Too cool!

Inside the exhibit we mingled amongst the other guests (we were guests ourselves, even though we were suited up) and had a great time interacting in a subtle way with everyone. We didn't want to detract from the exhibit, which is the true show, but I believe we added a little magic of our own that day.

*Many, MANY "Thanks"* are due to the marvelous crew at the San Diego Museum of Art! From the PR department, to the Art department to our 'fellow' guard brethren who graciously allowed us to roam the site and interact with everyone... I mean everyone! ;) The museum staff's warm reception made us feel welcomed, indeed. On behalf of the Southern California Troopers, I wish to extend a round of applause to every crew member of the San Diego Museum of Art who helped us.


Sincerest "thanks" to Doug for supplying the photos and letting me share them on the Net! Doug's original images are 1600 x 1200 in rez and perhaps over 300k. I've reduced them to 800 x 600 and compressed 'em a bit for your dloading time assistance. Once again, thanks to the crew of the San Diego Museum of Art for their welcomed reception.

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