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Page Six - Magic of Myth Exhibit

December 11th, 1999
San Diego's Museum of Art
"Star Wars: The Magic of Myth", developed by the Smithsonian Institution.


The Magic Of Myth (MOM) exhibit shall be packing up and entering a wormhole for another destination as of 2-January-2000. To share some hilights of the exhibit, TK861 has taken the liberty of posting some of the shots taken by our MOM photographer, Douglas. He has a good eye for photography and graciously submitted these pictures for your enjoyment.

If you have a chance to see this exhibit for yourself, please do so. More than likely, you'll learn some new things about the Star Wars Saga, no matter how involved you are in the Universe of George Lucas.




Sincerest "thanks" to Doug for supplying the photos and letting me share them on the Net! Doug's original images are 1600 x 1200 in rez and perhaps over 300k. I've reduced them to 800 x 600 and compressed 'em a bit for your dloading time assistance. Once again, thanks to the crew of the San Diego Museum of Art for their welcomed reception.

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