Let's face it... there's nothing better than having a Civilian ask us a question, and as a Trooper, being able to answer them with your Bucket on, and your voice projected just like it should be (and how it is in the movies).

Hyperdyne Labs sells an awesome unit that not only projects your voice, can alter your voice, AND adds the familiar <shhht-click> sound effects at the end of a transmission, you can even begin a sentence with a click. EXTREMELY cool addition but it is a little pricey... $435 US funds. Has an impressive number of settings, modes & playback features. AWESOME feedback cancellation circuitry. Speaker/s not included.

Vortex 1 System - Original system = $435.00
Vortex 2 System - Still in testing, smaller unit = Pricing unknown

There's a new Kid in town! A British chap is assembling a new 2nd Generation PA (Personal Address) system with voice augmentation. It does not have the extensive feedback cancellation of the Vortex units, that I know of, but it does feature the desired end-o'-transmission clicks. Cost in current US funds is $162.00, approximately $200 with shipping to US. Pictured above is the British unit.

I have heard the Hyperdyne unit in action, and it is truly awesome. I have not had a chance to check out the British version as of yet. For more info and specifications, be sure to visit the links provided below:

http://www.romfx.com/ - The British Invasion unit

http://www.hyperdynelabs.com/ - Hyperdyne homepage

http://www.hyperdynelabs.com/voiceamp.htm - The Specific page