Three of my current Trooper Buckets.

Left - The typical (slightly small - yet heavy) Don Post helmet. The finish does not match up with the White Armor - a number of guys have repainted them Hardhat White. This brand of helmet is a good match-up for a Trooper who gets tagged frequently with "Aren't you a little SHORT to be a Stormtrooper?!"

Center - A rare find. Hand made by fans, it's a close replica of an ANH helmet. Extremely light weight, it's my Bucket of choice for an authentic look.

Right - Ahhh, the Old Glory. A Bucket from F/X geneology, this puppy features the electrical mods. The best looking finish by far. No shape defects, highly polished, very sturdy, truly a sculpture of museum quality. I've seen these dropped and sustain only a minor scratch.