TK861's Trooper Gear

This section describes the complement of gear necessary to be an effective Combat Trooper in several regimes. Descriptions of DLT-19 (MG34) Heavy Rifles, Blast pads (pauldrons), and the standard issue E-11 Blaster are featured here. Look for Modifications of specialized equipment in this section as well as the Armor Gouge section.


TK-861's armor is receiving an extensive overhaul within the I.M.P.S. Armory. Complete Sandie armor and Imperial Combat Pilot rig are bring built by -861, complying to Imperial Standards set forth by the:

Black Sheep Squadron (HK) of the Imperial 88th Calvary. Significant modifications will be featured.


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Bucket Details of
helmets worn by TK861

Backpack Details

E-11; DLT-19; Prod
Com units pouches
neck seals
Buckets - Front


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