This is a resin copy of the E-11 Blaster used in Star Wars - A New Hope. It is the preferred weapon of Stormtroopers in many combat regimes. This is sold as a kit of approximately 24 pieces. Most parts are of great finished quality - only a few pieces needed heavy sanding.

The kit goes together fairly quickly. I used CA glue since it bonded very well with this particular type of resin. After a good amount of finishing sanding - mostly to ensure parts looked welded - I used several base coats of silver, followed by a matte black finish - although it came out glossy as heck. Galaxy Trading may have a few of these in stock.

I'm very pleased with the finished look of this Blaster. However, it's more of a museum piece and will remain on display indoors. I'll continue to Troop with the standard Kenner version of an E-11 for its ruggedness in the field.