The Digital Gallery of HK-861

Universal City Walk
Star Wars & TROOPS Screening
June 22nd, 2004

The infamous Black Sheep Squadron who appeared in TROOPS the fan film, banded together with the So. Cal. Garrison for a night of R & R at Universal City Walk, Hollywood.


"If you didn't get a chace to go to Universal City in LA last night to catch Star Wars and TROOPS, you'll want to see 52878's Gallery from yesterday. These are some of the best stormtrooper costumes we've ever seen - and some great pics of the fun and exciting event. Check them out." - On behalf of the SCGarrison, we thank TFN for their kind words, and posting of pics from the event. Be sure to visit the 52878 (Simon's) Gallery. His pics are awesome!

Event Summary
Host: Leo Quinones, a.k.a. the Film Freak of KLSX TalkRadio 97.1FM in LA

Guest Appearances (Cast and Crew of TROOPS):
Kevin Rubio - Director & Producer of TROOPS
Eric Hilleary - Stormtrooper HK-882, Boba Fett, and Art Director
Dave Max - Stormtrooper HK-887
Caleb Skinner - Stormtrooper HK-888 (in SnowTrooper Gear @ Universal)
Bill Hay - Stormtrooper HK-842 - Appearing in TROOPS sequel

Note: All of the above Black Sheep appear in the upcoming sequel to TROOPS. Titled "I.M.P.S. - The Relentless", it is the culmination of incredible talent, skill, and perseverance. Be sure to check the BlackSheep's website for the latest info.

Kevin and Leo "screened" TROOPS on the Jumbotron, located across from the Hard Rock Cafe. The Garrison stood in front of the stage while Leo introduced and chatted with Kevin and members of the Black Sheep Squadron. This is by far, the largest Gallery Page to date. It was very special to once again Troop with my SGC friends, and have the priviledge of introducing them to the Black Sheep Squadron - a very talented group of guys and gals.

Thanks to Kevin LaNeave and the BlackSheep for supplying photos. Various photos taken by HK-861 while on Recon.

Troops on JumboTron
Rebel & Rebel Princess
James, Marshall & Rebel
Leo hosts StarWars
Troopers on Stage
Three HK's
John chats with HK's
HK's w/waitress
Eric, John, Bill and Caleb (L-R)
Kev, Christy & Brendon
Dave and Eric's awesome detail
James and Friend
James & Brother
Brothers in Arms
Mike (TK3160) and Rob Dobbs
Diego, William, & Brendon
Diego & Linda
HK Buckets on the Bar
Original HK's
Newest HK member
Eric, Christy, Bill & Dave (L-R)
TK-994 and Death Star
It all began with TK-421
Kev, Sy, Vannie, Christie & Will
HK's & John B.
Trooper n' appetizers
Inside the Hard Rock
It's tough to Troop
Andy, Dave, friend, Bill & Dave
Bill, Eric & Dave
Dead Rebel - he hit me first, I finished him off
Bill and his custom Blaster
Bill & Sarah
On Patrol
On Guard
What it's all about
More of what it's about
Lots of us
More Friends
Form a line
Guys & Gals
Rene & Eric @ Hard Rock


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