The Digital Gallery of TK861
The Wedding of William and Nikki

A Star Wars themed event

Death Valley, California - William Miyamoto proposed to Nikki in this barren desert - the location used while fliming various parts of Episode IV. With a tear in hear eye, Nikki said "Yes!" and the rest is history.

The wedding (May 25th, 2003) was strictly Star Wars themed. All bridal costumes were hand tailored by Nikki, the wedding ceremony was recorded and shown on various local television channels.

All Hands reported in
The Wedding Ceremony
Just Space Travelers
Space Travelers revealed
A closer view
Fight's ON!
Tryin' to look HIP!
Do you have a Plan B?
Still tryin' to look HIP!
The First Dance
Just the Empire
Star Wars Sweets
The Cake Closeup
Oh Yeah!
The Happy Couple
One must do what one must do
How it all began...
With a Light Sabre
Cassie n' William
Believe it or not - Cassie n' William
The Dance


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